Sailing Caheara

Welcome Aboard Caheara

We are Carina and Sebastian, two passionate sailors with a dream of exploring the beautiful Baltic Sea on our sailboat Caheara. Our journey is filled with excitement, anticipation, learning and first times as we set out to discover new places, meet new people, grow as sailors, and experience the unique culture of the Baltic Sea region.

Join us on our journey as we share our stories, photographs, and videos of our travels. Follow us on our social media channels, and be a part of our sailing adventure. Let's discover the Baltic Sea together!

Trident Marine Warrior 40 Caheara Sailplan

Our Boat

Caheara is a Warrior 40 built in 1998 by Trident Marine in Portchester, UK to be a capable blue water cruising sailboat. We bought her two years ago and for us, she is the perfect boat for our adventure. With her cutter rig and long keel, she is a safe and solid boat.

Length 12.0 m
Beam 4.0 m
Draft 1.6 m
Displacement 8.5 t

Captain's Log

This map shows our latest position according to AIS.


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